Zdenek Sasek Illustrator & Designer


Hi there,


I can license EXISTING images directly at a cost of $5 / 5 Euro for a standard license or $45 / 45 Euro for an extended license. These prices are valid for orders of at least ten images.
I can send the text of the license on request.

Exclusive licensing is only possible for certain images, please contact me for more information.

You can also find and license my cartoons on all major microstock websites like Adobe Stock , Alamy.com or Dreamstime.com and some others.

About me:
I'm cartoon illustrator and computer artist. I started about 20 years ago, working on computer games. After years I found myself to work more and more in cartoon style.
So far, I’ve worked on more than 100 games, several indie movies, various animated web projects, book covers, and so on. I also licensed tens of thousands of my images on microstock websites.

Client Testimonials

-           "...the final result is nothing short of amazing! As usual, fantastic work and its always great to work with someone of your caliber and professionalism..."

-- Jesus Rodriguez


-           "Wanted to drop a line and just say what a pleasure it was to work with Zdenek. He created a 2D concept that was well beyond what I could have imagined it would be, and it fits perfectly into the style of my production. Anyone looking for professional work should get it done by Zdenek."

-- Zionmoose on Unity forum
Cryoshock Studios


-           "Working with Zdenek has been a pleasure for us. He's an excellent artist who is able to create amazing looking art. He's very experienced in translating user wishes into artwork and almost all art he did for us was perfect with version 1. For our title 'Loko Kiboko' he created all the art and on many occasions when we didn't exactly know what kind of art would fit the game, he was able to design and create something truly wonderful"

-- W.P. van Paassen
Tweeler B.V.


-           "The cooperation with Zdenek is very good and without any problem. He is an experienced artist and he always does the work as I want to have it - and it's the most important point for indie game developer! I wish I have a clone machine and make more copies of Zdenek to make more good artists worked for me ;)"

-- Pavel Tovarys
Rake in Grass


-           "Zdenek produced truly exceptional art for our game. His rates are very affordable and he was willing to work with us to keep things on budget. He also came up with some great original ideas in places where we weren't sure just what we needed. Overall, the game has come out looking far better than I had ever hoped. Thanks Zdenek!"

-- Jeremy Sullivan
Blue Footed Games


-           "...I must say I'm very impressed with the quality of the illustrations, and how fast you got them done. I've worked with a number of artists over the years, and the quality of your work and professionalism are right up at the top."

-- Phil Ings
The Late Night Game Company


-           "Zdenek is an *amazing* artist who is also surprisingly affordable. Everyone who has seen my game so far has always mentioned how impressed they are with the artwork. But in addition to doing top-notch work, he also understands games, so he produces what is needed, in the right format, without the need to explain every detail. And if you're short on ideas, he is happy to provide those as well, along with concept art. So far, his ideas have been far better than anything I could've come up with. His policy on revisions is extremely flexible, fixing problems with no questions asked. You really can't ask for more; not only is Zdenek great to work with, he produces fantastic results. I hope to continue working with Zdenek in the future, and can't recommend him highly enough!"

-- Vern Jensen


-           "Zdenek is a fantastic artist. I had a first experiment with him some time ago, and went so well, that we hired him again to our next project, and surely will to our upcoming works. I sometimes wonder if he has a twin brother locked in a basement, so he can output the art he does in such a speedy time while mantaining high quality. It's a pleasure to work with him."

-- Bruno Cesteiro
Camel Entertainment


-           "Zdenek is a real pleasure to work with. He has this rare mix of artistic vision, techinical ability, helpfulness, affordability and speed. We've been able to count on him again and again for concept work, animation, conventional 2d and right through to 3d modelling and rendering. His ability is so strong that these services would normally require a team of several artists to cover. Sadly I can't recommend him... He's just so good I want to keep him as my own little secret!"

-- Matt Bennett
Matibee Entertainment Software


-           "Zdenek Sasek is an extremely talented artist and did a first rate job for me. He came up with creative and original artistic conceptualizations from brief descriptions and really turned out some amazing art work. He also always delivered on time at very reasonable rates. It was a real pleasure working with him."

-- Vic Davis
Cryptic Comet Inc.