Zdenek Sasek Illustrator & Designer


This game was developed by Actionsoft.  It was a pretty big project for one person, so I hired two other artists to do some of the work (mainly some of the critters). However, in the end I found it simpler and easier to do it myself, so most of the art in the game is mine. The exception is the player ships, which were made elsewhere.

Game screenshot.

Creating this promotional GIF image was a real pain and took many hours. Each object used a different number of frames, so I had to change the number and render the sprites again. As a result, some of the insect characters are moving slower or faster than originally expected, so they don’t look quite as good as they do in the game. There’s also a glitch with the background not being totally black around two of the objects because of a poorly calibrated screen. I don’t have the time and energy to repair it after so many years, but at least it’s colourful and it moves! ;-)